Friday, November 30, 2012

Canada Cup: Day 3

Third day. A comfortable routine sets in. See the same security guard sitting in the same spot, make the same joke about their lack of sleep, know where the full box of timbits are, chat to same media folks, yap to familiar volunteers about the games, stand behind the camera and film curlers. My partner in crime and I have a good little media scrum filming routine going on too - she picks who she wants to talk to, sometimes we come up with some questions together, then we film our chosen bits plus whatever the other reporters come up with. Then it's edit, upload, tag, post, tag, post, tag, post, download photos, tag, post. Lunch. Watch some curling. Repeat. Dinner. Watch some curling. Repeat. Bedtime.

The view from behind the scoreboards.

Practice before Draw 8.

Afternoon draw - using the fancy panorama app on my iphone.

Rock handles ready to go.

Today is the day we start praying for no tiebreakers so everyone can sleep in tomorrow before the semis. I'll let you know how that goes - I'm heading out to watch the evening game now...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Canada Cup: Day 2

A bit of a blustery day in Moose Jaw! Today is the day when the standings matter - it's a short competition, so you lose 3 and you're out.

I thought I'd post some (as usual poor quality) backstage shots today...

Left side of the announcer's booth. I wonder what's written on those papers?

Right side of the announcer's booth and TV camera.

Sound man.

Backstage, curlers watching the extra ends of other games on TV before the lunch break.

Empty media scrum area...

and now we're ready to film so bring on the curlers.

My view of the media scrums behind the camera.

Security, keeping an eye on the Tim Horton's delivery. Very important.

Stoughton, taking photos with babies. I didn't know he was running for Mayor.

Not much else to report today. I worked some. I watched curling some. The action on the ice has been excellent and I'm having a good time working with all the people here. Overall I'm quite enjoying this change of scenery!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Canada Cup: Arrival and Day 1

So. Here I am. In friendly Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for the next five days. Hanging out at the Canada Cup.

Wait? How did that happen?

Well, as you know I'm kind of an "ambitious" curling volunteer, and I've worked my way up a ways in the volunteer ranks. I had a great time hanging out with the CCA backstage folks at the Scotties last year. This summer I let the CCA IT guy know I needed a vacation the end of November and wanted to go to Moose Jaw, and he made it happen.

So here I am.

I flew out to Moose Jaw Tuesday night. Even though I'd been dreaming for weeks about arriving at the Regina airport and having to walk to Moose Jaw, there was a friendly volunteer driver waiting for me. We chatted about hockey, curling, volunteering and the city of Moose Jaw for the 45 minute drive in. I checked into the hotel, and then had a late dinner with the CCA IT guy who will be my boss for the week, as well as Grassroots Curling, who is writing draw summaries and updating the social media at the event. We talked about my event duties as well as the general "what's what in the curling world". I love working these event - the people are so welcoming and friendly!

After an unsuccessful trip to get groceries, it was off to bed in my luxuries hotel room for the night!

On Wednesday, I arrived at the arena a bit after the morning draw started. The benefit to attending an event in a smaller city? I can walk the 2.5 blocks to work! It's an interesting walk through downtown. Moose Jaw seems to be a nice little city - great old architecture downtown, and so far very friendly folks. I found my way to accreditation, then to the media workroom. After a quick tour of backstage, I watched a bit of the action from the media bench.

Then it kicked into high gear. One of my jobs here this week is filming the media scrums. I got a bit of training, but wow, bit of a learning curve there! Basically I stand behind a camera and film while the reporters ask the players questions as they come off the ice after the games. Next, I take the raw video footage and edit it into a short video, which I then publish to the CCA's youtube site, as well as Curling TV.

Here's my first attempt:

Yeah, so that took awhile. And this will be repeated after every draw, so 3 times a day for these next three days and then twice on the weekend. I'll be a pro soon!

Lunch time!! We headed to the Patch for a quick lunch. It's a curling rink! They put down a temporary floor and besides it being a bit chilly you'd never know!

Another one of my jobs is to upload, edit titles and descriptions and tag the official photos from the photographer to the CCA's flickr page. Sounds pretty straightforward, if a wee bit tedious - yay for CTRL-V! (And please don't go in and critique my spelling - I think I caught it all...)

So today was a long day. Hopefully things will go quicker once I get more comfortable with everything, and maybe I'll actually get to watch a bit more curling! But, so far so good and it's been really fun being back at an event!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Curling on TV: Canada Cup

 First Season of Champions curling event of the season on TV this week!! Excited?!

The Capital One Canada Cup runs Wednesday, November 28 to Sunday, December 2 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan - and you can catch all the action on TSN! Winner of the men's and women's event get a ticket to the Roar of the Rings curling trials ahead of the Olympics!

Teams are:
Men: Howard, Martin, Stoughton, Gushue, Koe, McEwen, and Epping
Women: Nedohin, Jones/Lawes, Middaugh, Overton-Clapham, Webster, Lawton and Carey

Check out the Draw Schedule and the TV Schedule - 3 draws a day and two on the weekend!

I wont be watching because a powerline/transformer thingy exploded in our alley and my cable box/PVR are fried so I can't tape anything, but that's ok BECAUSE I'M GOING TO MOOSE JAW!!

What? Why? How?

Stayed tuned for more details - I'll be blogging about what I'm doing daily. Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Curling on TV: The Masters

It's back! Finally, curling on tv!! The first event is one of the slams, The Masters, which starts today!!

This is a men's/women's event and here are the teams:

Men's: Howard, Martin, McEwen, Koe, Epping, Stoughton, Edin, Jacobs, Gushue, Ulsrud, Fowler, Michel, Rumfeldt, Kean, Menard, Stjerne, Cotter, Balsdon, De Cruz, Laycock, Frans, Cochrane, Higgs, Nedohin, Ferland, Petryk, Hess, McCormick, Virtue, Murphy, Lemay, Tuck, Geall, Flemming.

Women's: Jones, Middaugh, Lawton, Nedohin, Overton-Clapham, Ott, Webster, Muirhead, Sidorova, Kleibrink, Carey, Tirinzoni, Homan, Sweeting, Jaggi, Crocker, Scott, Auld, Brown, Horgan, Holland, McCarville, Kaufman, Larouche, Birt, Pottinger, Smith-Dacey, Hastings, Thurston, Sigrist, Nimik, Strong, Arsenault, Harrison.

Formerly of CBC and Global, Sportsnet has picked up the slams, with CBC showing the final. This is the schedule, as complete as I could find it, but I'd recommend checking your local listings - and note it's in the Atlantic time zone:
  • Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 Preliminaries, 1 pm AT (Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, and Pacific)
  • Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 Preliminaries, 4:30 p.m. AT (Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, and Pacific)
  • Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 Preliminaries, 4:30 p.m. AT (Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, and Pacific)
  • Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 Preliminaries, 8 p.m. AT (Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, and Pacific)
  • Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 Quarter Finals, 4:30 p.m. AT (CBC)
  • Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 Quarter Finals, 9:30 p.m. AT (Sportsnet ONE)
  • Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 Semi-Finals, 8 a.m. AT (Sportsnet East, Ontario, West, and Pacific)
  • Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012 Finals, 2 p.m. AT (CBC)
Baseball is over. There's no hockey. Gosh I missed curling on tv.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Curling on TV: And so it begins...

Only a few short days until curling on tv starts again. The Grand Slam events will be on Sportsnet and the Season of Champions events will be on TSN.

The Canadian Curling Association has just launched a super cool new website - On the new website you can watch videos from the:
- video-on-demand from the upcoming season 48 hours after TSN airs the draw
- 2011-2012 Season of Champions events: Capital One Canada Cup of Curling, WFG Continental Cup, M&M Meat Shops Junior Curling Championships final games, Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Tim Hortons Brier and Men’s and Women’s world championships

- vintage curling games from the archives
- interviews, media scrums and instructional videos

And it works on mobile devices. Yep. Pretty damn cool.