Monday, December 10, 2012

Curling on TV: The Canadian Open

Time for another Grand Slam curling event - on tv of course. The Canadian Open (also here) will run from Dec 12-16 in Kelowna, BC.

Teams include: Cotter, de Cruz, Epping, Fowler, Gushue, Higgs, Howard, Jacobs, Kean, Koe, Laycock, Lyburn, Martin, McEwen, Menard, Pierce, Rumfeldt, and Stoughton.

Broadcast Schedule is here - looks like it's all on Sportsnet (no CBC this time?)! There's 2 games on Thursday - Saturday and the final goes Sunday.

Big story all ready is that Martin wont be there because he's having hernia surgery. Should that excuse his performance at the Canada Cup? Yes. comment.

Also, I can't find an event specific website (and I even used all my fancy librarian skills). The Masters had a website, but there appears to be no "grand slam" website like their used to be. Fortunately Sportsnet (slick looking site!) and the World Curling Tour will have all the info you need. And I can't find a title sponsor, but other sponsors are here. Who wants to start a collection so AMJ Campbell can film a new commercial?!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Canada Cup: Wrap Up & Tweets

I think I should post a bit of an epilogue to my last post - I ended it quite dramatically with me stuck in Regina with no hopes of making it to Edmonton.

Ok. I'll admit it. I panicked. First of all, I've been struggling with a cold and was exhausted and had just gone through a "race to the airport in case the highway gets closed". Secondly, I hate airports and airplanes and flying and the whole process makes me a bit anxious. So when I got to the Regina airport to find out a) the Time Horton's was closed/under construction and I couldn't get dinner and b) my flight was massively delayed to Calgary and I was going to miss my connection to Edmonton and c) the realization I've never missed a connection ever (and I used to fly a lot when I live in Europe)...yeah. I freaked out on twitter a bit. Oops.

All was not lost though - I ran into a media guy on my way to yell at a airline agent! Never underestimate the calming effect of a familiar face! After a chat about this that and the other, I was sufficiently calmed down to go talk to an agent (I didn't yell at her, I promise), who assured me there was 100% for sure room on the last flight of the night from Calgary to Edmonton, so even if I missed my connection I would make it home. Eventually. But at least I wouldn't be stuck in Calgary.

And I did miss my connection, but was booked onto the later flight, and who did I run into in the Calgary airport waiting for the same later flight? Another familiar face in the form of a colleague and her sister. Again, saved by friends. And yes I didn't get home till 2am and was a zombie at work today during a very important meeting - but I survived, thanks to some friendly faces.

That is why I keep doing this curling volunteering gig. Sure, watching the curling is awesome, but it's always all about the people. Everyone - the fans, curlers, volunteers, staff and crew - are always fantastic to work with and generally be around. I'm already looking forward to working the next event!

If you were following me on Twitter during the Canada Cup you got to see backstage snaps and read about all that went on behind the scenes. This post has all the tweets and links to photos from my Twitter feed, for those of you who aren't on Twitter (but mostly for me to archive). As is the norm on Twitter, all tweets are newest to oldest, so you might want to start at the bottom and scroll up.


December 3, 2012

Kind of miss the #Cancup #curling arena. The real world is not quite as cozy.


December 2, 2012

Home!!! It think my roommate missed me. Or she's just hungry.

What an end to my #CanCup #curling adventure! Great week with great people - already looking forward to the next one!!

Calmer. Have been told we will all get on last flight from #yyc to #yeg. At least I'll get home tonight. Will make a good story one day.

Flight more delayed. Connection probably missed - but all is not lost. I've found @AllenCameronCH!! #goodcompany

Last day wrap up from Moose Jaw - what a great event! … #Cancup #curling

Now here I sit for two hours in the Regina airport with little hope of making a connection - could've driven to #yeg faster. #sad #tired

....Probably not going to make it to Edmonton tonight. Think I'm going to cry.

Made it to Regina no problem, but my flight is majorly delayed. Probably not going to make my connection in Calgary...

Aw, no Team Stoughton on the ride to the airport, but at least I'm on the road and it's open and I'll make my flight. #CanCup #curling

Found biggest littlest #curling fans! #CanCup @TeamGushue1 @TeamJStoughton

Panic getting out of Moose Jaw-freezing rain maybe highway closed - sounds like I'm riding w/ Team Stoughton to airport! #CanCup #curling

Rumours highway may be closed due to freezing rain. Noooooooo! I need to get to the airport and home tonight!! #CanCup #curling

Stoughton is going to the trials!! #CanCup #curling

Last 2 rocks coming up... #CanCup #curling

Sometimes I get distracted and just watch the TSN camera guys shoot and set up shots. They do a great job! #fascinating #CanCup #curling

3 kids in front row are fighting over used Team Stoughton brush head thrown to them. Like drumsticks at a rock concert? #CanCup #curling

Stu, the MC, is holding a Russ Howard yelling contest now. Always fun times - y'all should get out and watch some live #curling! #CanCup

Just announced - new #CanCup #curling attendance record: 33,160!! Way to go Moose Jaw!!

Good crowd here for the men's final. Sad this is my last time on the #CanCup media bench! #curling

Men's final on the ice - but backstage everyone is busy packing up! #CanCup #curling

Bye bye rocks! See ya down the road! #CanCup #curling

Winning team about to go receive their trophies... #CanCup #curling

Lawton wins! They're going to the trials. Exciting game! #CanCup #curling

Piper is warming up - who's going to win it?? #CanCup #curling

Sponge Girls trying to get the fans cheering during the time out. Fun group of ladies!! #CanCup #curling #wackyhats

Women's final a great game so far! #CanCup #curling


December 1, 2012

Another day down! Fun times at the #Cancup #curling!

Team Nedohin sitting behind me. Quite enjoying their commentary. #CanCup #curling

Can someone please mash up "Gangnam Style" with curlers saying "whoa whoa whoa whoa". Start with Howard... #CanCup #curling #highlarious

Made it!! #CanCup #curling

Santa Claus Parade in Moose Jaw! Main Street closed. Can't get back to the arena from restaurant! #CanCup #curling

Obligatory tweet of a TSN truck. There's two trucks here and they work hard!! #CanCup #curling

5th end break: interviews, ice cleaning & wheelchair #curling demo by 2012 National Champs Team Saskatchewan! #CanCup

Women's semi. #CanCup #curling

Russ Howard chats to Saskatchewan Wheelchair #curling team - doing a demo during women's semi 5th end break! #CanCup

December 1. No more creepy curler moustaches. #yeehaw #CanCup #curling

Bright & early, sitting on the media bench with @grassrootscurl & @AllenCameronCH for the tiebreaker #CanCup #curling


November 30, 2012

And we have tiebreakers. #ohgoodie #soearly #CanCup #curling

Crowd is buzzing. What happened?? Oh. They just announced the 50-50 ($6930). #CanCup #curling

The Gushue kids are just beaming. What an awesome gesture. #CanCup #curling

Class act! Brad Gushue just came out and gave his signed shirt and jacket to two kids! #CanCup #curling #awesome

One certainty of these 10 end games vs the 8 enders of the slams/tour events: it ain't over till its over. #CanCup #curling

Nice display in the arena concourse showcasing the junior stars! #CanCup #curling

Another set of poorly composed photos, but thoroughly enjoying my time working for @CCACurling at the #CanCup #curling!

I can hear a piper! Must be time for another draw! Quick - get to a TV to watch TSN! #CanCup #curling

And here's the set up for monitoring ice temperature during play. #CanCup #curling

Handles, deconstructed... #CanCup #curling

Also Cool Curling tournament going on now in the Patch! #CanCup #curling

Patch is full! Interview with Team Webster going on now. #CanCup #curling

Moose hat? When in Moose Jaw... #CanCup #curling

Sign spotted in #CanCup #curling arena: "Who needs the NHL?"

Spent afternoon marking assignments for my real life job. This view is my reward. #CanCup #curling

And here's where we're at... #CanCup #curling

Practice before draw 8. #CanCup #curling

Back at it. Today is the day when comfortable routine sets in & we start praying for no tiebreakers. #CanCup #curling

November 29, 2012

Said yesterday curlers are taller in real life. Also true: the camera adds ten pounds. #CanCup #curling #fittocurl

#curling spectator gear: headphones, FM transmitter. Did you know you can listen to TSN commentary inside venues on 89.9? #CanCup

Just posted some backstage shots from the #Cancup #curling on my blog. Oh to have an eye for photography...

Just heard ladies behind me say this! “@pammijoe #CanCup TSN announcers don't have to park @ #mosaicplace #noparking taking shuttle bus now”

As TSN announcers just said Mosaic Place is a great new arena. And the Safeway is right across the street. Great venue #CanCup #curling

5 draws in and @grassrootscurl and I are a finely tuned media scrum machine! #CanCup #curling

Had a nice chat with @4footcurling this morning. It's always great to meet new #curling people! #CanCup

Close games this morning. Every game counts on this blustery day in Moose Jaw! #CanCup #curling

Just got formally introduced to Russ Howard and his wife. There are four #curling Howards at the event. Can you name them all? #CanCup


November 28, 2012

Long day but a good day. I love working these events! #CanCup #curling

So far I've decided Reid's is the best of the worst! #CanCup #curling #movember

Change of view for the evening. Can't believe day 1 is almost over! #CanCup #curling

Must be time for another draw... #CanCup #curling

Sharing the bench for awhile with @grassrootscurl and Cathy Gauthier. All five sheets on now. #CanCup #curling

Players microphones backstage - TSN does an excellent job putting all this #curling on TV! #CanCup

Empty Patch after lunch rush. You wouldn't know it's actually a #curling rink! #CanCup

Curlers are taller in person. #CanCup #curling

I upgraded my view to the media bench. Not bad either. #CanCup #curling

This is why I'm here. Nice change of scenery from my office!! #CanCup #curling

Backstage area. #CanCup #curling

Ice level/coaches bench. #CanCup #curling

Ok, let's do this! #CanCup #curling


November 27, 2012

Met with @glennvangulik and @grassrootscurl to discuss my #CanCup job and #curling world in general. Great people to work!!

Everything closes early in Moose Jaw. Did you know 7-11 sells cereal? #CanCup #curling

Arrived in Moose Jaw. Already met some super friendly volunteers - I love working these events! #CanadaCup #curling

My cold and I are on our way to Moose Jaw for the #CanadaCup #curling. Miss my cat already but excited to work for @CCACurling again!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Canada Cup: Day 5

Last day.

Women's Final. The benefit of only having one game on the ice is that I can watch the whole thing, and then the media scrum gets going. The Women's Final was an exciting game! And the media scrum was the busiest I've filmed. Then it was edit, tag, post, tag, post, photos title, tag, post.

Women's Final in action - Lawton vs Team Jones.

Lawton win! Bring on the chaos!

Bye bye rocks! See you down the road!



The Men's Final was also awesome to watch! It was a close game, right down to the last shot. Couldn't ask for much more.

Men's Final - Howard vs Stoughon.

Moose Jaw actually set a Canada Cup attendance record!

Last shot for Howard...

Stoughton wins!

There was a bit of a panic during the media scrum - there was some freezing rain and the highway was possibly going to be closed, and of course a lot of us had to get to Regina to fly out or whatever. I ended up filming the media scrum then was rushed out of there on the last airport run to Regina. It looked like I would be travelling with Team Stoughton, but that didn't work out. No freezing rain either, and no closed highway, just great conversation with the volunteer driver and I made it to the airport in good time.*

As I said yesterday, it's bittersweet. I enjoyed myself. The people here have been great to work with. The curling has been fun to watch. I'm so fortunate the Canadian Curling Association lets me come and hang out. I made some new friends this trip, reconnected with old ones, and generally had a fantastic time. Curling events are fabulous to work at and I'm super appreciative to have been at such a great one in Moose Jaw!

But I'm exhausted. It probably doesn't help that I'm still battling a nasty cold. It's only been 5 days, yet the Brier is 9, so I'm going to have to get back into shape for the long haul in Edmonton in March!

*And my flight is delayed an hour. Which means I'll miss my connection in Calgary to Edmonton. Which means I'm either not getting to Edmonton tonight, or I'll have to pray the midnight flight isn't full. Which means I either wont get home tonight, or I'll get home at 3am. Well that will be fun teaching my 8am class now wont it. I'm sitting here now in the Regina airport. I actually think I might cry.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Canada Cup - Day 4

So, I left off yesterday praying for no tiebreakers, but indeed there was one men's game on early this morning. Key words with the "early" and "morning". I arrived at the fifth end and spent a lovely last half of the game chatting to my media bench partners. I always learn so much from the experienced people who work these events - it always is super interesting hearing their stories and commentary! I'm pretty lucky they let me hang out up on the bench.

Koe/McEwen tiebreaker.

Russ Howard chatting to the Saskatchewan Wheelchair Curling Team (2012 National Champions!) - they will be doing a demo during the women's semi 5th end break.

Women's Semi Final.

Fifth end break: interviews, ice cleaning and the wheelchair curling demo.

 Men's Semi Final.

One more day! Bitter sweet, it's been fun but I'm exhausted!