Welcome To My Rate-A-Museum page!

I've been to some amazing cities and have gone to some amazing attractions. I'm partial to museums and am quite opinionated, so here it is, my comprehensive guide to the best museums around:

Four Stars

The Louvre (Paris) - The Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Botticelli, Ancient cultures, Napoleon Rooms, a glass pyramid and so on. It never ends! Definitely a must see. (1997, 2005)

Auschwitz (Poland) - An intensely sad and moving experience. (2004)

Anne Frank Museum (Amsterdam) - A fantastic restoration, right down to the original movie posters and growth chart on the wall. (2004)

British Museum (London) - My favourites: Ancient Egypt, Elgin Marbles, Easter Island man, Natives, Aztecs, Collection Gallery, Celts, Lewis Chessmen, Bog Body, Mummies Ginger and Bones, Asia...worth a few hours and multiple visits! (Often, 2003-2007)

Natural History Museum (London) - Dinosaurs, stuffed Mammals, Whales, Rocks and Meteorites, Earth Galleries, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Evolution...so much fun! The building is old, and new, so there is a nice contrast, and plenty to see. (Often, 2003-2007)

Imperial War Museum (London) - Besides the weapons, machinery, interactive experiences and original war galleries, it houses the best Holocaust gallery I've ever seen, besides actually being there of course. (Often, 2003-2007)

Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum (Drumheller) - Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs, nestled in the scenic environment where they were dug up. (1997, 2015)

Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto) - This place is huge and has everything you'd ever expect to see in a top museum, right in the heart of the city. There's Native Americans, Canadian and Oriental artifacts, Dinosaurs, Armour, Egypt, Greece and a cool Bat Cave! (2002, 2007)

Canadian War Museum (Ottawa) - An unbelievable museum with all kinds of well displayed artifacts (old museum). The new museum is fantastic as well, very well showcased and the tank/vehicle space on the lower level is awesome! (2002, 2015)

Museum of Civilization (Hull-Gatineau) - Natives, music, tons to look at, all in a modern setting. (2002)

Science Fiction Museum (Seattle) - A post modern gallery in a post modern building, this place has all the original weapons, models, costumes, books, and videos from all the best movies and tv series. It gets bumped up a level because of the fantastic special exhibit I saw with original movie and tv costumes. Awesome. (2007)

Ontario Science Museum (Toronto) - Tons of interactive stuff to keep every kid at heart busy, and an IMAX on the ceiling too! The galleries are a bit dated but the renovations look very high tech and modern. (2002)

Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) - Wow. So big. Too big! I love wandering museums, picking a path and seeing everything in the most efficient way, but this museum beat me. It was just too big, and there was just too much. What I saw was very cool though! (2013)

American Museum of Natural History (New York) - What a great museum! Big, lot's to see, some old, some new exhibits. I wish I had time to learn more. The Africa Gallery, Dinosaurs and Ocean galleries were highlights. (2013)

Museum of Nature (Ottawa) - How did I not know about this museum before? The feature was Body Worlds Animals which was amazing, with a camel and giraffe and bull. So good. And the dinosaur gallery looked good, wish I had time to read more, plus who doesn't love a whale skeleton! I need to go back and spend more time. (2015)

Tunnels of Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw) - Not a museum per say, but a very interesting walk through history (prohibition/bootlegging and a Chinese laundry) guided by fantastic local actors. (2014)

Vancouver Aquarium (Vancouver) - I've been many times and it's always fantastic. The jelly fish exhibit, Body Worlds Fish, belugas, otters and frogs are the highlights. (2009, 2010, 2015)

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump (Alberta) - A very interesting museum at an interesting (if a little underwhelming) historical site. (2016)

Three Stars

Hockey Hall of Fame (Toronto) - Very well presented, if a bit maze like, a dream for a big hockey fan. (2017)

Royal British Columbia Museum (Victoria) - This is a really nice museum, similar to the Museum of Civilization (Hull-Gatineau). There's a good environment/stuffed animal exhibit about BC, with a huge mammoth and some live fish, a great native gallery, and a huge history space with buidling mock-ups. Worth a visit, though it's a bit small so go for a special exhibit too. (2009)

Musee de la Civilisation (Quebec City) - A nicely redone, modern building, with free internet (gold to a backpacker) and China's Terracotta Warriors on special exhibit. A great way to beat the rain. (2002)

Royal Alberta Museum (Edmonton) - I'm sure we went every year in elementary school, but it is a good, albeit small, museum. The Native gallery is excellent, the dinosaurs a childhood memory and the stuffed animals my absolute favourite! (Often)

Science Centre (Edmonton) - I'm sure we went every year in elementary school. The space gallery is legendary and the new exhibits good too, the crime scene one was fun. And the Imax will always be my favourite. I've seen neat travelling exhibits too: Harry Potter costumes, Star Wars props, BodyWorlds... (Often)

Academy of Science (San Francisco) - Mostly I remember the awesome aquarium, but this place has it all too, worth a trip up the hill just to see the grounds! (2003)

Exploratorium (San Francisco) - There is so much interactive stuff to do in this huge warehouse, most definitely a great way to spend the afternoon. (2003)

Vatican Museum (Vatican City) - Maybe more of an art gallery, but an awesome one at that. The stained glass, the ceilings, the Sistine Chapel, it was so surreal to be there. (2004)

Tate Modern (London) - One of the few art galleries I've ever liked. I'll always remember the scary dark room and the piano on the ceiling. Worth a weird wander. (Often 2003-2007)

Museum of Musical Instruments (Brussels) - The coolest thing was that the earphones you wear are connected to sensors, and when you move around in front of the cases, you get to hear music from whatever instrument is in that case. What an awesome concept! (2004)

Dynamic Earth (Edinburgh) - The time line concept it refreshing, and you can really feel the rooms, like the arctic or submarine one. They've done a great job. (2006)

National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh) - The older part is full of stuffed animals/birds etc, and Ancient cultures. The newer part is full of Scottish history, and is really well done. (2003, 2006)

Museum of Anthropology (Vancouver) - A small museum, this one has a lot of Aboriginal artifacts, including a great hall full of totem poles. Besides this great hall and special exhibits, there's only really one other large room full of cultural artifacts from global cultures. Lots to see, minimal reading. (2009)

Museum of Man (Winnipeg) - Lovely museum, this was a great trip through history! The museum is a bit dated but worth a trip, and there's a ship in the museum! (2013)

Royal Canadian Mint (Ottawa) - Not a museum per say, but close. It was so neat. Just really really interesting, and they were punching out gold! (2015)

National Museum of Iceland (Iceland) - A very interesting history displayed very well in a small, simple museum. (2015)

Two Stars

Glenbow Museum (Calgary) - The Edvard Munch exhibit was cool, and the rest well displayed, but forgettable. (1998)

Canadian Museum of History (Hull-Gatineau) - The new rebrand of the Museum of Civilization does a decent job of showcasing First Nations history in Canada, but not much else. The travelling exhibit on Ancient Greeze was interesting (and different from those I've seen) and the Terry Fox section was great, but the rest, ho hum. (2015)

Science and Technology Museum (Ottawa) - Normally I enjoy science museums, even though they are mostly for kids, but this one is really mostly just for kids. They'll have a good time though. (2002)

Museum of Archaelogy and History (Montreal) - The coolest part was that it is down in the sewers, but the singular subject matter just made this museum a bit boring. (2002)

McCord Museum of Canadian History (Montreal) - There's lot's to see in this museum, artifacts and clothes, but also, a bit boring. (2002)

Science Museum (London) - Partly modern/partly dated, this huge place is full of stuff, but never quite managed to capture my curiousity. I did see a cool lord of the rings prop/costume exhibit there once though! (Often 2003-2007)

Experience Music Project (Seattle) - The building is really cool (outside and in). The entrance gallery is weird but kind of enjoyable (just music, lights and images), the guitar sculpture cool, and the interactive playing studio and rock band concert was a cool idea, but the lines were too long to get anything out of this place. And I really wanted to play the drums! (2007)

Reykjav√≠k 871 +/-2 Settlement Museum (Iceland) - A very small but interesting museum based around the excavation of an original viking house. An interesting mesh of technology/artifacts/photographs. (2015)

One Star

The Cloisters Museum (New York City) - I hiked up to this small cathedral museum to see the unicorn tapestries, which were cool. The park and hill it was on was lovely and I saw a weird animal in the bushes (I think it was a nutria?). But I'm not sure it was worth the hike. (2013)

Victoria and Albert Museum (London) - Imagine anything you've ever seen in a museum, then throw it all together. That's the V&A. It was just too random for me. (2004)

Guggenheim (New York City) - Cool building and staircase, but meh, not worth my time. (2013)

Art Galleries (Everywhere) - I don't like art galleries. 'Nuff said.