Welcome To My Rate-A-Zoo page!

I've been to some amazing cities and have gone to some amazing attractions. I'm partial to zoos and am quite opinionated, so here it is, my comprehensive guide to the best zoos around:

Four Stars

San Diego Zoo - What a cool zoo! It was huge and there were so many animals! Including my first glimpse of pandas! I would go back in a heartbeat! (2012)

Toronto Zoo - My most favourite zoo ever. I used to watch the reality tv show they used to do, and once knew all the names of the monkeys. This zoo is huge, and requires the whole day. It's got everything you'd ever want to see and then some. (2002, 2014)

San Francisco Zoo - This zoo is quite big, and gets bumped up a level because of their cute meerkats and the big cat feeding we got to see. They've had their fair share of problems throughout the years though, which is sad for everyone involved. Still, worth a visit nonetheless. (2003)

Calgary Zoo - As an Edmontonian and Calgary rival, I'll admit this zoo is great. It's also really large and the themed areas are set out nicely. I love the tigers, and the dinosaur park! (Often)

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada (Toronto) - What a surprise, this is a fantastic aquarium! Dangerous Lagoon is amazing! Plus you can touch shrimps and rays and sharks. Definitely worth admission. (2017)

Three Stars

San Diego Safari Park - The park is more sparsely laid out than the zoo and a bit smaller, but the safari park area was neat and I enjoyed the succulent garden, well worth the trip out of town! (2012)

Stanley Park, Vancouver - It's not quite the same as it was fifteen years ago, back then they had killer and beluga whales and that was just so cool! They've still got the belugas and dolphins and cute frogs and otters and an octopus and neat jelly fish. I recently saw a BodyWorlds Marine exhibit which was awesome! Always worth a visit. (1980s, 2010, 2015)

London Zoo - This zoo is actually alright, though tends to get a bad rap. The monkey walk-through is fun and they've got tigers, and that's all it takes for me to enjoy a zoo really!! (2006)

Bronx Zoo - I spent a lovely day wandering around this zoo! There were tons of animals and it was spread out so it felt really spacious. The tigers were a highlight as usual. (2013)

Two Stars

Edmonton Storyland Valley Zoo - Our zoo is small, but still has lot's to see, especially for the kids. Lucy the elephant is an Edmonton institution! (Often)

Montreal Biodome - I'm not much for the humidity of the tropics, but the idea is neat, the Antarctic part was clever too. And they have an anaconda, creepifying but an attraction nonetheless. (2002)

NYC Central Park Zoo - This is the little zoo from the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon so I had to visit. It was...little. But still cute. (2013)